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Mari Manzetti, coach, healer og medium

If all people on Earth would use a little more of their built-in superpower, the power of love, the world would be a better place for everyone.

Mari Manzetti

I was born in 1964 with a stronger intuition and connection to "the other side" than most, in a world where clairvoyance and being highly sensitive were not talked about. Many children born with these abilities believe it is normal to feel this way until they start school. However, I was convinced that I was the only person in the world with this connection and that it was totally unacceptable and abnormal. Throughout my upbringing, I did everything I could to conform to what I believed was "normal" and hid my abilities, even from my immediate family. I did not want anyone to know that I had a strong connection with the spirit world and that I could feel and "read" what other people were feeling and how they were doing, without them telling me.

I have worked as an entrepreneur and business leader for many years. I have often been successful in my professional life, where I could use my strong intuition while no one knew about it. My colleagues just thought that I was good at my job. Living a "half" life without accepting all of me led to a great internal struggle. My inner voice said one thing, but my logical sense said something else. This was an exhausting battle, which also created a void that no one could fill. I experienced one illness after another. When I turned 42, I had a stroke, this marked the endpoint of my parallel life. I decided to take my whole self seriously.

After two years of rehabilitation, I enrolled as a student at Soulspring, the school of Elisabeth Nordeng and Märtha Louise. For the first time, I was seen as my whole self. Through the security that experience gave me, I finally found the courage to be my whole self. When I started using my abilities for myself and others, I discovered that many people greatly enjoyed and benefited from being "seen" by me. This is one of my superpowers! All people also have this superpower; we have just wrapped it up in many different layers. When you unpack your whole self and get to know your inner voice, a new, safer and incredible world opens up.

Mari Manzetti
Mari Manzetti, Coach, healer og medium
Mari Manzetti

If you're seeking guidance to discover your inner strength, stand confidently in your own truth, and align with the love the universal force of love, I'm here to help. I am a certified Coach, specializing in Reading, Healing, and Touch. I primarily work via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, and serve clients from all around the world.

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